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Born to be Great

Running time

90 min   

Year of Production


Country of Production

 United Kingdom



Action Adventure



Jalal Merhi

Cast:   Sam Heugan, Lauren Cohan, Paul Tefler

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Born to be Great is a family action adventure film mixing the fascinating story of Alexander

The Great’s early life with legends, mythology and larger than life characters taken from this period of history and culture. Born to be Great is set in Macedonia, north of Greece, in 340 BC.

Alexander is still at school under the tutelage of the great philosopher, Aristotle.

He is also old enough to engage in battle and he and his friends are eager to become fighting men.

While his father King Phillip is distracted with keeping his unruly empire under control, Alexander must take responsibility for the welfare of his mother and sister – and as treachery and death engulf the city, Alexander must fight to protect his family and his own future.

The film is an action packed insight into the younger years of one history’s most famous rulers, a leader who was to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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